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The Intersection of Pathology and Precision Medicine: Current and Future Directions

Introduction Pathology is a diagnostic specialty that focuses on the study of disease processes. Historically, pathology has been driven by the clinical laboratory, where diagnostic testing was used to determine the presence or absence of a disease process. Precision medicine represents a new paradigm for diagnostics and therapeutics that involves understanding the biology behind disease […]

Exploring the Genetic Basis of Rare Diseases: A Pathologist’s Perspective

Introduction Pathology is an integral part of medical research. Pathologists are experts in the study of disease, and their work helps doctors diagnose conditions and understand how they develop. Say’s Dr Joy Trueblood, this knowledge can then be used to treat patients. In the case of rare diseases, pathologists play a crucial role in advancing […]

Role of Immunohistochemistry in Cancer Diagnosis

Introduction Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a common technique used in the diagnosis of cancer. This method uses a specific antibody that targets a particular protein on the surface of cells. If this protein is present, it will bind to its corresponding antibody and form an antigen-antibody complex. Say’s Dr Joy Trueblood, the complexed proteins can then […]